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Consolidation Apparatus

Consolidation Apparatus

We are one of the prominent Manufacturers and Suppliers of Consolidation Apparatus. Consolidation test is uni-dimensional test considered extremely important in soil mechanics. Samples taken from adjacent areas of a site shows different settlement. Soil of similar strength may show varying consolidation. Samples are very carefully prepared and vertical settlement of the specimen in saturated or drained conditions carefully recorded when known load is applied.

Standard :
  • IS : 2720 (Part-XV)
  • BS 1377
  • ASDTM D24 35

Specifications :
Loading unit, maximum capacity 20 kg/cm sq having a loading yoke connected to a lever arm with a counter balancing adjustment and having a lever ratio of 1:10, the whole assembly being mounted on a sturdy steel frame stand. The loading unit is so designed that it can be used for consolidation cells of different diameters as well as different diameter floating ring type consolidation cells.

Fixed ring type of consolidomenter (Odeometer) cell assembly for testing 60mm diameter x 20mm thick specimen comprising :
  • Fixed ring for specimens 60mm diameter x 20mm thick with guide ring
  • Top and Bottom Porous stones for 60 mm diameter specimen
  • Perforated Press re pad
  • Channeled base with water inlet and Gasket
  • Flanged water Jacket, water reservoir with plastic tube and p inch cock
  • Set of weights to give a pressure of 10 kg/cm Sq on 60mm diameter specimen

Comprising :
  • 7 Nos. 0.05 kg/
  • 5 Nos. 0.1 kg/
  • 6 Nos. 0.2 kg/
  • 6 Nos. 0.5 kg/
  • 5 Nos. 1.0 kg/sq. cm
  • Supplied complete as above but without dia l gauge

Accessories :
  • Dial Gauge 0.002mm x 1Omm. Extension piece,40 mm long. Test forms pad of 50 for "Consolidation Test Plot" Test forms pad of 50 for One Dimensional Consolidation

Optional Extras :
  • Varying head stand pipe, 50 cm long with mm. scale
  • Fixed ring type of consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for 50mm. diameter x 20mm
  • Thick specimens complete with fixed ring and guide ring, pair of porous stones

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