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Electrically Cum Hand Operated Pumping Unit

We bring forth Electrically Cum Hand Operated Pumping Unit for our valuable clients. This is a separate console housing an oil tank, electric motor, relay etc. Inside the oil tank are mounted two pumps, which are worked with the help of a cam, rotating inside the tank. The cam is rotated by the electrical motor and belt. Above the tank is fitted a hand pump. All plungers are accurately machined and no oil seals are used. Special non -return valves are fitted in the pumping system for trouble free long service. A dipstick is provided to know the oil level in the tank. A drain to remove oil is fitted at the base of the tank. The pumping unit has on its front panel a slow –fast lever to control the rate of loading, a release valve, and a slit to enable a rod to be inserted in the hand pump to operate the pumping unit manua lly.

A pressure gauge is fitted in front at a convenient angle. The pressure gauge has 200 divisions for its full capacity. Inside the pressure gauge is fitted a micro switch. This micro switch automatically cuts off electrical supply to the pumping unit on reaching full capacity of the pressure gauge. A red dummy pointer is fixed on the cover glass of the pressure gauge to record maximum load at the failure of the specimen. This pumping unit is connected to the load frame by means of pressure pipes. Additional pressure gauges (Maximum 2 Nos.) of lower capacities with isolation valves can be fitted on the pumping unit.

Works On :
  • 230 volts A.C. or 415 volts, 3-phase supply

» Specifications

ModelCap. In KNReadable to in KNLoad FrameTypePumping Unit
ACME- 5881000.5ChannelHand
ACME- 5891000.5PillarElectric cum hand
ACME- 5901500.75ChannelHand
ACME- 5911500.75PillarElectric cum hand
ACME- 5922001ChannelHand
ACME- 5932001PillarElectric cum hand
ACME- 5942501.25ChannelHand
ACME- 5952501.25PillarElectric cum hand
ACME- 5965002.5ChannelHand
ACME- 5975002.5PillarElectric cum hand
ACME- 59810005ChannelHand
ACME- 59910005PillarElectric cum hand
ACME- 60010005-Hand
ACME- 60115005ChannelElectric cum hand
ACME- 60215005PillarHand
ACME- 603200010ChannelElectric cum hand
ACME- 604200010PillarHand

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