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Hand Operated Hydraulic Pump

Hand Operated Hydraulic Pump

We are specialized in the Manufacturing and Supplying of Hand Operated Hydraulic Pump. The pumping units are suitable for applying loads in a load frame or applying pressure to hydraulic jacks. The special feature of Hand Operated Hydraulic Pump is that the plungers of the pump have tolerances and no seals are used in the units and special type of non return valves as against traditional ball valves are used, which gives much longer trouble free service.

The front panel accommodates pressure gauge, on/off switch, slow fast lever to control the rate of loading and indicator lamps. Further, in electrical units a micro –switch fitted in the pressure gauge and a connected to a relay automatically cuts off the power supply to the unit when gauge capacity is reached. A dummy pointer to record maximum load applied is fitted on the cover glass.

Works On :
Electrical Pumping Units work on 230 Volts AC or 440 volts AC 3 phase depending upon their capacity and these can be operated by hand in case of power failure.

Specifications :
In hand operated pumping units, two plungers of different diameter are used. The plunger with larger diameter pumps oil at faster rate and is used for initial loading. Further load is easily applied by the second pump, which has a smaller diameter plunger. The lever for hand operation of the pump is sufficiently long to minimize efforts and these units are suitable for site use.

» Technical Specifications

Model No.CapacityGauge In KNOil Tank CapacityOperationElectrical Details
ACME-58025020 cm dia
0-2500 KN X 2KN
App. 7 LitersElectrical cum hand0.5 HP Motor, 230 V, AC
ACME-58125015cm dia
0-250KN X 2KN
App. 7 LitersHand Operated
ACME-58250020cm dia
0-500KN X 2.5KN
App. 7 LitersElectrical cum hand0.5 HP Motor, 230 V, AC
ACME-58350015 cm dia
0-500KN x 2.5KN
App. 7 LitersHand Operated
ACME-584100020cm dia
0-1000KN x 5KN
App. 7 LitersElectrical cum hand1 HP Motor, 230 V, AC
ACME-5851000150cm dia
0-1000KN x 5KN
App. 7 LitersHand Operated
ACME-586200020cm dia
0-2000KN x 10 KN
App. 10 LitersElectrical cum hand2 HP Motor, 230 V, AC
ACME-587200015 cm dia
0-2000KN x 10 KN
App. 10 LitersHand Operated

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