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Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

We are one of the most trusted Manufacturers and Suppliers of Pendulum Impact Testing Machine. Our Pendulum Impact Testing Machine is used for determining the impact strength of notched and un-notched metal bars of different sections and different length according to the Charpy (Beam) method. The Pendulum Impact Testing Machine is meant for making Charpy, lzod and tension impact Tests.

Process :
The hammer, of carefully chosen weight, when dropped from a pre-determined height, strikes the test bar laid between supports in the base of the machine, and thereby breaks it. Part of the kinetic energy is spent in causing the hammer to rise on the other side of the machine and from the height of this residual swing, the energy used in breaking the specimen can be determined. On the impact testing machines this is directly indicated in Kgm. The height of the drop of hammer can be varied within very wide limits. It must however be chosen so high that the specimen is fractured in one single blow, because only then can the energy sent be ascertained with the true accuracy.

The striking edge of the hammer is at the centre of percussion, so that there is practically no vibration of the pendulum when the hammer strikes the bar, and consequently little or none of the energy of the blow is lost in the pendulum.

A rope, attached at one end to the hammer and wound round a spindle over which it can freely slide under the action of a weight attached to the other end, prevents the hammer from falling back after its residual swing, without in any way affecting its free movement until then. Immediately the hammer has hit the specimen, it is caught by the brake and afterwards slowly drops back into its vertical position.


Type of Test IZOD Chapry
Pendulum Impact energy 0.42 kgm 1.4 kgm
Angle of fall of pendulum 120oC 120oC
Effective weight of pendulum 1.3725 kgs 4.575 kgs
Minimum Graduation 0.005 kgm 0.01 kgm
Striking velocity of pendulum 2.4502 m/sec 2.44m.lsec
Distance of axis of pendulum rotation to the point of test piece hit by the hammer. 204 mm 204 mm
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