Static Cone Penetrometer

Static Cone Penetrometer


Usage Laboratory, Household, industrial
Dimensions: 20 mm dia. x 173 mm lengt
Weight Approx. : 0.5 kg
Weight Approx .: 0.5 kg
Measuring Range: 0 to 10 kgf/cm2
Power Source Electric
Material Steel
Finish Polished

We are a prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of Static Cone Penetrometer all over the national arenas. The Static Cone Penetrometer that we provide is largely used in soil testing processes. These Static Cone Penetrometers are skillfully designed using technologically advanced tools and machinery for efficient performance and longer life.

Extensive use of static cone penetrometer was originally made in Holland where buildings are constructed in areas mostly reclaimed from the sea -bed. Research work has also been done in recent years to correlate Static Cone Test results with the Standard (Dynamic) Penetration test results, resulting in widely different correlation factors depending upon local geological history. The static Cone Penetration Test is also used for predetermining the length and estimating the load carrying capacities of piles passing through soft -compressible stratas and resting upon hard clays, sands or gravel. The Penetration resistance of the cone has nearly the same value as the load which can be carried by the actual pile per unit area of the pile tip. By using the additional friction jacket with the standa rd equipment, identification of various soil types penetrated is also possible.

In Static Cone Penetration Test, a truncated steel cone(60degreeanglelOsq.cmatbase) is forced vertically into the soil by static thrust required to cause a bearing capacity f ailure of the soil immediately surrounding the point where measurements are required to be made. Such measurements made at suitable desired intervals, provide a continuous bearing capacity profile and hence a shear strength profile of the soils at the soun ding location. The cone point is advanced with a two rod system . The outer casing provides structural strength and protects the inner rod form soil friction and buckling the protected inner rod advances the point during the thrust measurement which is ach ieved by pressure gauges. The friction jacket (to be ordered extra) helps in obtaining additional information like static soil friction (skin friction) against the steel sleeve.

Two types of matle tubes each one meter long are available. The mantle tube w ith a uniform diameter of 36mm enables the determination of total cumulative skin friction of the soil in addition to the cone resistance. lf however cone resistance is the main requirement and cumulative skin friction is not to be measured, then mantle tu bes of non uniform diameter are to be used.

A judicious combination of both types of tubes would be the ideal one, the number of each depending upon local geological history.

The drive is by means of a rack and pinion and is dri ven manually through a gearing arrangement. The gearbox rack and pinion are fixed on two upright pillars and the movement of the rack is guided by a bracket and two pillars. The loading is done hydraulically. Two pressure gauges 15cm dia. one of low capacity 0-60k9/ 0.5k9/cm. sq. divisions and other 0 -160k9/cm sq. are provided to indicate the penetration resistance. Isolation valve is provided to automatically isolate the lower range ga uge when it reaches the maximum capacity. The valve can be adjusted and locked at desired values between 20 to 60kg/cm sq. Provision is made to anchor the unit at site and there is provision for lateral shifting so that subsequent tests could be performed without having to shift the entire anchorage system.

The standard outfit is as under :

  • Penetration cone, steel 60 angle 10 sq cm base area with friction jacket -one
  • Mantle tube, non uniform 36mm OD at the two ends and reduced diameter in between with sounding rod, working length 1 m...........Fifteen
  • Load measuring head with automatic cut-off valve and oil can. One set
  • Pressure Gauge 0 - 160 kg/cm sq...............One
  • Pressure Gauge 0 - 60 kg/cm sq.................One
  • Auger with bolt
  • Auger driving handle
  • T-Rod
  • Spanner

Note : Uniform diameter mantle tubes can be ordered at extra cost.

Optional Extras :

  • Mantle tube 36mm uniform O.D. with sounding rod, working length 1 meter

Spares & Accessories :

  • Steel cone, 60 degree, 10 base area
  • Mantle tube 36mm uniform OD. working length 1 meter with sounding rod
  • Mantle tube 36mm O.D. at the ends and reduced diameter in between with sounding rod. Working length 1 meter
  • Pressure gauge 6 inch diameter 0-10 kg/cm sq. in 0.1 kg/cm sq divisions
  • Sampler to go with the above equipment
  • Friction jacket for Friction Ratio

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